What is Triple M anyway?

Triple M is Grace Shaver’s newsletter where she discusses everything from her go-to morning routine to what it’s like to spend 3 weeks living on a commune with composting toilets.

I’m an artist, dance educator, yoga instructor, writer, New Jersey native living in California, and lover of the ocean. I have a deep spiritual practice but am more often than not disappointed in people who claim to lead their lives with “love and light” but whose actions prove otherwise (yes, this is a dig at anti-vax yogis). Right now, I’m interested in exploring the intersection of my spirituality and social justice in my writing. I’ll also offer an array of other personal essays, hence the name Triple M—this newsletter will be the place where my musings, meditations, and miscellaneous writings land. It will evolve and fluctuate as I do the same, so you may be surprised by what ends up in your inbox! Come along for the ride if you’re the kind of person who cries when you look at a tree on a random Tuesday afternoon.

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How do you make magic every day?

I want to know how you find meaning in the mundane, what your go-to cafe order is, or how you trick yourself into leaving your apartment when you haven’t seen sunshine in two days. Triple M is where I share my way of being in a relationship with the world around me, and I’d love for you to join me. Through this (small!) corner of the internet, I hope we can find joy and community— and perhaps a pause and a breath. Inhale, exhale, repeat. Xoxo.

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musings, meditations, and the miscellaneous.


Grace Shaver
Grace's writing most frequently explores her relationship with the world around her and her spirituality. She's trying to make sense of things in her life and in her writing, and she is committed to leading a life grounded in love and community.